1.) Alway’s verify with The California State License Board to see if your contractors are properly licensed at OR (800)321-2752
2.) Always google your current electrical panel box to see if there’s any recalls or noted as a potential fire hazard and safety concern noted.
3.) BREAKERS- Trying to repeatedly reset a circuit breaker that doesn’t want to reset can cause a FIRE. When breaker trips; it’s because there’s something wrong…If you just plugged something in OR turned something on before it tripped, then you’re likely overloading the circuit you plugged the item into. If you can’t find the problem it’s best to call Dan McFall.
4.) Make sure your home and business have GFCI, AFCI protection as needed for safety. Water and electricity DON’T mix! 
5.) Check all lamp cords often for damage. Do not overload electrical outlets with too many plugs. This can cause the circuits to short out,spark or get over heated.
6.) Avoid extension cords for permanent wiring.
7.) Use LED technology to reduce the load on your breaker panel. And save up to 75 – 80%  VS Incandescent bulbs!!

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